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Fig. 2

From: Lung injury and inflammation response by chronic intermittent hypoxia in rats

Fig. 2

Electronmicroscopy and Histopathology of lung tissue. a-c Ultrastructure of Type II alveolar cells under scanning electronmicroscope. a No change happened in karyotheca and endoplasmic reticulum in the control group; b Swelled nuclear membrane, outstretched endoplasmic reticulum and vacuolar degeneration appeared in the CIH group rats; c Swelled nuclear membrane, increased Lamellar body and vacuolar degeneration in the CIH group). → pointed to the karyotheca; ← pointed to endoplasmic reticulum; ↓ pointed to vacuolar degeneration; ↑ pointed to Lamellar body. d-g H&E staining of lung tissue (200× and 400×). d, f The structure of lung tissue is normal in the control group rats; (e, g) HE staining results showed that there were significant lung tissue inflammatory injuries in the CIH group rats: alveolar septum widen, alveolar wall thicken, lymphocytes and mononuclear cells infiltrate, alveolar space lessen; little exudation within alveolar space, septal capillary open and congest mildly, focal nodular pneumonia lesions were found partly

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