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Table 3 Comments by patients and spouses on RBD behaviors causing imminent dangera

From: The spectrum of disorders causing violence during sleep

1. Comments by RBD Patients:
  “I ran right smack into the wall, an animal was chasing me. I think it was a big black dog.” (p. 157)
  “I thought I was wrestling someone and I had her by the head.” (p. 136)
  “Pounding through the curlers into her head.” (p. 157)
  “What scares me is what a catastrophe that would be to wake up and find that I had broken her neck.” (p. 137)
  “I have hit her in the back too, and she has had a couple of (vertebral) disc operations.” (p. 143)
  “One night I woke up as I was beating the hell out of her pillow…that’s when I realized that I had a problem.” (p. 106)
  “Just recently, I rammed into her pelvis with my head…during a dream.” (p. 93)
2. Comments by the Wives
  “It’s amazing. You should see the energy behind that activity, oh, it’s unreal.”(p. 107)
  “He literally just kind of flew out of bed and landed on the floor with tremendous strength” (p. 53)
  “It almost seems like a force picks him up.” (p. 130)
  “His legs go so fast, just like he’s running” (p. 155)
  “It is his kicking, violent kicking, his feet are just like giant hammers when they hit you over and over again.” (p. 73)
  “I felt that kick on the ankle for two months afterwards.” (p. 82)
  “That’s the reason we got the waterbed—because he was wrecking his hands on the wooden bed.” (p. 111)
  “Oh, yes, there were always bloody sheets.” (p. 105)
  “Roaring like a wounded wild animal: he roared, he crouched, he punched.” (p. 75)
  1. aAdapted from Schenck 2005