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Table 2 Description of quality scoring system for the self-care surveys reviewed

From: A critical review of self-care for sleep disturbances: prevalence, profile, motivation, perceived effectiveness and medical provider communication

Dimensions of quality assessmentPoints awardeda
 1. Representative Sampling Strategy1
 2. Sample size > 5001
 3. Response rate > 75%1
 4. Low recall bias (prospective data collection or retrospective data collection within the past 12 months)1
Reporting of participants characteristics 
 5. Classification of specific sleep disturbance reported (e.g. insomnia/sleep apnea).1
 6. Age1
 7. Ethnicity1
 8. Indicator of socioeconomic status (income, education)1
 9. Gender1
Reporting of self-care 
 10. Definition of self-care products or practices provided to participants1
 11. Participants can name self-care products/practices used (open question).1
 12. Use of self-care products or practices assessed1
  1. aThe maximal score is 12 points