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Table 1 Insomnia at baseline (T1) as a risk factor for the incidence of anxiety and depression at 6-month follow-up (T2): Descriptive statistics, univariate logistic regression analyses and multivariate logistic regression analyses

From: Changes in insomnia as a risk factor for the incidence and persistence of anxiety and depression: a longitudinal community study

Health condition (T2) No insomnia (T1): n (%) Insomnia (T1): n (%) Unadjusted model: OR (95% CI) Adjusted model: OR (95% CI) a
Anxiety 40 (3.1) 10 (5.7) 1.90 (0.93–3.89) 1.73 (0.77–3.72)
Depression 39 (3.0) 21 (10.9) 3.93 (2.26–6.84)* 2.94 (1.54–5.58)*
  1. CI Confidence interval, OR Odds ratio. * Significant at the .05 level. a Odds ratios adjusted for age, gender, civil status, vocational status, educational level, place of birth, anxiety (when depression was the dependent variable), and depression (when anxiety was the dependent variable)