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Table 1 Different Rhythmic Movements in Sleep

From: Rhythmic movements in sleep disorders and in epileptic seizures during sleep

Different Rhythmic Movements in Sleep
Normal Variants of Physiological Sleep Movements
 Sleep starts  
Sleep Related Movement Disorders (SRMDs)
 Benign neonatal myoclonus  
 Leg cramps 
 DOA, Sexsomnia, SRED  
 REM sleep dyscontrol in type I Narcolepsy, RBD  
 Nocturnal Hypermotor Seizures in SHE  
  1. Abbreviations: HFT Hypnagogic Foot Tremor; ALMA Alternating Leg Movement Activity; EFM Excessive Fragmentary Myoclonus; PLMS Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep; PLMD Periodic Limb Movement Disorder; RLS Restless Legs Syndrome; SRRMD Sleep Related Rhythmic Movement Disorder; PSM Propriospinal Myoclonus; DOA Disorders of Arousal; SRED Sleep Related Eating Disorder; RBD REM-sleep Behavior Disorder; SHE Sleep-related Hypermotor Epilepsy